What is SC Outfitters?

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.

– John Muir; American naturalist

What we do

We are USC’s only 100% student-run outdoor adventure group. Guided by our passion for the outdoors, our corps of 35 plus volunteer student guides organize trips for the entire USC student body to explore the Los Angeles wilderness. We’ve hiked in Ojai, backpacked across Mt. Baldy, camped on the beach, mountain biked through Malibu, climbed to the top of Pt. Dume, done yoga on the mountain, kayaked across the Pacific, surfed before the sun rose, and watched it set from Catalina.

Where there is adventure to be had near Los Angeles, SC Outfitters is there to share it with the Trojan Family. Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, we’d love to have you join us on an adventure.

Where we’ve been

SC Outfitters was born as a project for former President Steven Sample’s class, MDA 365: The Art and Adventure of Leadership. Our founders recognized that a unique opportunity was upon them. At the time, USC was in an odd situation: a world-class institution, situated within easy access to numerous national forests, state parks, Catalina, and more; yet alone for not having its own outdoor education program.

And so, during the spring semester of 2008, our founders gathered their first group of founding guides, fellow students representing almost every school on our campus, to share a common mission: to foster a spirit of adventure, an outdoor community, and an appreciation for the natural beauty of Southern California.

Since those early beginnings, we’ve gone from humble ambitions of four trips a school year to our currently packed schedule of a trip almost every weekend, with additional events during the week for our members. We’ve grown tremendously as an organization, but we will never forget our origin: a simple gathering of people who had a passion for the outdoors they couldn’t bear to keep to themselves.

Where we’re going

So whether you find us introducing our trips at our monthly member meeting, walking along the trail into wilderness barely explored, or marveling at the many stars in the vast night sky, we eagerly await to share with you a journey of adventure and wonder in the outdoors around Los Angeles and beyond.

Join us today by discovering how to go on one of our trips, becoming more involved as an official paid SC Outfitter member, or simply getting the latest news about SC Outfitters by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, or subscribing to our mailing list.

In addition, we want to be able to reach out to more students whose lack of past experience may leave them intimidated by the outdoors. and show them what an incredible life-enhancing experience nature can provide. We also want to reduce the overall cost of our trips for students as we know college budgets are very tight. If you would like to help out and see what our other future goals are, please consider visiting our How Can I Help? page.

We can’t wait to see you join us on a lofty summit in the future. Live for adventure and Fight On!