How do I go on a trip?

Check out our Signup Instructions for a step-by-step guide!

When are meetings?

Our trip reveals – when guides present the adventures they have planned for the month – are typically the first Wednesday of every month at 8pm. Always check your email or our Facebook page for the location and any changes!

Other special event announcements may be posted on our Facebook page. And if you’re a member, keep up with your membership calendars and always check for our emails.

What is the membership program?

Check our Become a Member page!

Where does the money from trip and membership fees go?

Each trip is individually priced to cover the following:

  • Campground and wilderness permit fees
  • Transportation fees (like parking) and gas
  • All food and snacks, unless otherwise indicated (some day trips will ask you to pack your own lunch, or money for food on the way home)
  • Emergency budget for larger trips

Membership fees and any other donations we take in go toward:

  • Maintaining and purchasing new gear for sicker and safer trips
  • Sponsoring guides and members to become WFR (Wilderness First Responder) certified to ALSO guarantee sicker and safer trips.
  • New sick gear
  • Overhead costs (USG fees, etc.)
  • Other long-term projects that allow us to expand SC Outfitters and better serve you!

Note: All guides serve on a strictly volunteer basis, and are not compensated for leading trips.

What is Base Camp?

For the last couple years, we have been brainstorming new ways to bring the member community together, beyond the scope of our regular trip programming. Base Camp is that ever-evolving project, a weekend where a full slate of trips convene in one spot for a night of car camping, competitions, good food and great company. It’s an opportunity for members new and old to meet fellow outdoor enthusiasts and cross paths with past trip members — in essence, the best of SC Outfitters.

If you are new to the SC Outfitters community, and especially the USC community, we hope you’ll come see what our organization is all about!

Can I rent gear from you guys?

Because of the high volume of trips we lead each month, we are unable to rent SCO gear outside of our program. We want to be sure all our participants are prepared with the right gear in the best condition,

If you’re looking for gear, we recommend contacting Outdoor Adventure Rentals (OAR) from USC Rec Sports at the Lyon Center. Nearby REI Santa Monica also rents gear at a great price.

How can I cancel my spot on a trip?

We’re sorry we’ll miss you! If you sign up for a trip and have to back out for whatever reason, let your guides know ASAP so we can make arrangements for a replacement. We encourage all participants to be familiar with our Cancellation Policy BEFORE signing up for trips.

How do I become a guide?

We’re so glad you asked! Guide recruitment takes place during the spring semester, but we’re always happy to answer questions about the program. Check out our Guide Recruitment page for more details about requirements, the application process, and what we’re looking for in a new guide class.