The OutdoOrientation was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I am so happy I decided to go on it before school started. I was nervous to start USC because I didn’t think I would be able to find genuine people very easily. I thought I would have a bunch of surface relationships my first few weeks. But, going on OutdoOrientation changed my who perspective about starting school. I met so many AWESOME INDIVIDUALS and made genuine friendships. It gave me the opportunity to really get to know each person … I am so glad I got to have a simple, centering experience before I entered the craziness of freshman year. It was definitely a worth while experience… I am honestly so grateful that I got to be a part of the 2013 OutdoOrientation. 

– USC Freshman, Class of 2017, on OutdoOrientation

The Orientation [SC Outfitters] guides were awesome! Literally the nicest people I think I’ve met on campus so far and genuinely caring. I can’t imagine asking for cooler people to lead the trip! They were not only super nice, but really organized and invested in what they were doing. It was clear they really love the outdoors and doing what they do given that they always had an amazing attitude. Also, it means a lot that they continue to reach out even after the trip; it’s not like they just disappeared afterwards, but rather I can still text them or ask them for advice.

– USC Transfer Student, Class of 2015, on OutdoOrientation

The [OutdoOrientation] experience was AMAZING!! A great way to start college/a new year! I’ve gotten so close to the people who went on the trip, we all consider ourselves as a family!! I’m so glad I got to go on this trip, it Definitely made a huge difference in my college experience. 🙂

– USC Freshman, Class of 2017, on OutdoOrientation

I initially just wanted to go camping, kayaking, and canoeing—to be outdoors. But I didn’t realize then that I would bond with my fellow campers. It was wonderful to experience beautiful isolation together…the mutual feeling of vulnerability that starting something new entails was less of an issue after this trip. Our group [returned] to USC with a sense of family. We all check in with one another on a daily basis. We formed friendships that I am very grateful for. The guides—smart, funny, inquisitive—kept us safe and well fed. Lastly, this trip inspired and motivated me to be mindful of life in general… I can’t wait for future trips with this group of people … Thank you for leading us on a fantastic trip!

– USC Freshman, Class of 2017, on OutdoOrientation

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